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blockchain  -  consulting  &  training






Two Day Practice Workshop:
Blockchain and Smart Contracts

With hands on starting with the cryptographic puzzle pieces we are going into building up a
understanding for blockchain technologies.
This will put us in the position to discuss and analyse use cases. Do we really need a blockchain? What are
the advantages and disadvantages? What are the current risks regarding scalability, security and
transaction throughput? Might it be better to use a private blockchain or a hybrid model?
Bitcoin shows to be a very stable and secure blockchain without much flexibility. Much more
opportunities offers Ethereum blockchain optimized for general computation with smart contracts.
We will design and test some smart contracts. We will also look into attack vector as well as
consequences of those attacks and how to avoid them.

Peer-to-Peer, Distributed Ledger, Hash-Function, SHA-2, Public/Private Key, Merkle-Trees,
Bitcoin (BTC), Altcoins, Proof-of-Work, Mining Difficulty, Ether (ETH), Solidity, Ethereum,
Virtual Machine, "Code is Law", Decentralized Applications, IPFS, Hyperledger, Sidechains,
Hard Fork

Target Audience
All who are willing to dive into blockchain technologies. This is not a developer training. Focus is a
general introduction into the blockchain topic with hands on examples to understand the technology use

● Tim Bansemer, Blockchain Consultant and Founder of inblockio
● Dawid Golebiewski, Blockchain Consultant at inblockio

hands on workshop discussions and interactions with room for individual support usage of
cryptographic functions understanding distributed ledger technologies deploy and test smart


Please contact us for an individual offering: training@inblock.io

Default locations are Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg and Amsterdam.


Contact Netherlands
Kirsten Coppoolse
Mail: kirsten.coppoolse@inblock.io

Contact Germany
Tim Bansemer
mail: tim.bansemer@inblock.io





Executive Workshop:

The Blockchain paradigm shift and why your business is affected

With everything we do we aim to challenge existing business models using the advantages provided by
blockchain technologies. We have learned that our customers value a kick-off workshop to dive into
blockchain technologies with the attendance of top management to evaluate the strategic relevance to
their respective industry. Our workshop enables our customers to make informed decisions in allocating
resources required to include blockchain technology in their business strategy.

The workshop is split into two parts:
● Understanding Blockchain: The Paradigm Shift (45min)
● Dive into Case Studies within the customer's industry (45min)
Our intent is to deliver an intense kick-off workshop to increase awareness to disruptive trends, grow a
knowledgebase for more detailed use case analyses and inform strategic decisions.
This offering is a starter offering. If you decide to book us for an extended consultation comprising at
least five days following our kick-off workshop with you, we will grant a one time discount in the amount
of the kick-off workshop's price.

Blockchain Technologies, Ethereum Blockchain, Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, Private and Public
Blockchains, Industry Specific Developments

Target Audience
Strategic decision makers, C-Level Management, Digitalisation Officer, Product Developer, IT
Manager, IT Infrastructure Department

Please contact us per ​consulting@inblock.io ​to get a quote.

Contact Netherlands
Kirsten Coppoolse
Mail: kirsten.coppoolse@inblock.io

Contact Germany
Tim Bansemer
mail: tim.bansemer@inblock.io